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2014 Tilley Harley-Davidson Biker Blues & BBQ in Salisbury, NC

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John Boy & Billy's Sweet & Mild Grillin' Sauce pulls another top 10 finish

2014 Beach Boogie & BBQ in Myrtle Beach, SC

We had a great cook at Beach, Boogie and BBQ in Myrtle Beach! 5th place chicken & 4th place brisket  2nd place in pork (just behind the Warren County Pork Choppers-they are tied for the #1 KCBS team in the nation)Finished 9th over all out of 42 teams

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2014 NC Pitmasters Champion

Old-timer Carl Lewis of Big Show Barbeque is no slouch, having beat judge Myron Mixon in a rib competition in 2004. Now, Carl plans to show these youngsters how it's done!  And show him he did, taking home the coveted title of NC BBQ Pitmaster Champion with the help of the John Boy & Billy [...]

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